How the Clicgear 3.0 Golf Push Cart Saved My Game and My Girl

Published: 20th January 2012
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I like to golf two or three times a week if I can. This last year I was fortunate enough to have some extra free time, and was golfing up to four times a week. Playing as much golf as you can consistently is, in my opinion, the single best way to improve your game.

Playing so much golf was awesome,except my fiancee was starting to get upset that I was going out and spending money playing golf all of the time,because we have been trying to bank some savings for a down payment on a home.

Being the diplomatic fellow that I am, I had to find a way to compromise so that I could keep playing a lot of golf and make sure that we were still saving money. (By the way, compromise is the key to a happy relationship guys!) So, we came up with a mutual agreement.

I came up with all of the ways I could still go golfing but spend less money doing it. Things like taking snacks with me instead of buying them at the concession stand,playing late in the day when greens fees are cheaper, and improving my game and health considerably by walking the course.

So, we came up with something that worked for both of us,and I was still able to go play golf as long as I would abide by the rules of doing it as inexpensively as possible. This was easy, pack my own food and play later in the day. This made a big dent in the cost of playing golf, and spending less allowed us to keep saving. The hard part for me was walking...

If you do walk the golf course, the first benefit is that not renting a cart saves you a substantial fee. Some other benefits are that walking a round of golf is good for you, it's easier to get a feel for the distances you are dealing with, and you stay loose and warm and ultimately put better swings on the ball. But for me, the problem came with lugging the golf bag around on my shoulder.

When I started walking the golf course, I wasn't in the greatest shape,but the walking was beginning to condition me a little better. The problem was that lugging the bag around on my back was really making my shoulder and lower back stiffen up after about 9 holes, and it was affecting my swing and score.

I quickly found a way to fix this, as there is a lot of options in golf push carts. So I ran out to the local sporting goods store and bought the cheapest golf pull cart I could find. Problem solved! After my first round I was amazed at how much more energy I had to finish the round. With the weight being taken off of my shoulder and back, I was able to make it through a full 18 holes and put good swings on the ball the entire round.

Suddenly a new problem began to arise. I really disliked the cheap, unbalanced pull cart, and if I wasn't careful, my bag would take off down a hill or fall over and dump my golf bag onto the course. Sometimes it would just fall over if I didn't set it in a very specific fashion so it would balance on a hill without tipping over. This became an annoying issue that actually started to affect my game.

All of us golfers know how even the smallest unrelated frustration can creep into your golf game and make you blow a shot because you weren't fully committed, or distracted. I was amazed at how something as insignificant as my cart was causing distractions! But it was.

I realized I had to find a better cart. I found out that there are several Golf Push Carts available and some of them weren't cheap! How was I going to make the case that I needed to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a nice cart to my fiancee?

I figured I would try to sell my old cart online,and added some other stuff from my storage locker that I didn't want anymore and I was able to come up with two hundred bucks pretty quickly. My fiancee was okay with this because we weren't actually spending money and were clearing out some clutter at the same time.

I looked around online and decided to buy the Clicgear 3.0. It seemed to have the best features and durability for the price, and had rave reviews.

To make a long story short, as soon as it arrived, I went out to play a round of golf. I was completely happy! The cart glides across all kinds of terrain, has the perfect configuration for storage of personal items, and a huge range of accessories available. I can leave it anywhere on the course, engage the brake and not worry about it taking off or falling over, even on a steep incline.

One less thing to worry about on the golf course is one of the keys to the difficult game that golf is. Buying one of the good golf push carts has turned out to be a great investment and allowed me to focus on the game. For my full review of the Clicgear 3.0
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